Friday, April 4, 2014

Depend on the Promises of God

Scripture: Joshua 14:12c-d
perhaps the LORD will be with me, and I will drive them out as the LORD has spoken."

Insights: This last half of verse twelve is one of my favorite passages of Scripture (I know that I have a lot of favorite passages of Scripture).  The reason I like this portion of verse twelve is because it points to Caleb’s strength.  In other words, Caleb knows that if he were to go up and fight the Anakim, he would lose, but if God is with him, then he knows he will win.  He is also not presumptuous about the Lord’s participation.  Notice he uses the word, “perhaps.”  In using that word, it is as if Caleb is petitioning the Lord God to fight on his behalf.  It is almost a prayer to the Father requesting His presence and power as Caleb marches up this hillside.  Everything is being directed and pointed to the Lord.  All glory and honor are being given to the Lord.  Caleb is keeping nothing for himself.  He knows he is completely and utterly dependent upon God to bring about this victory.  Beloved, this heart attitude of humility is where we need to find ourselves.  Too often we walk and talk as if we are the power source and the victorious one in our endeavors for the Lord.  That kind of attitude is the height of arrogance and reveals the foolishness of our heart.  Let us quickly follow the pattern of Caleb and bow ourselves before the Lord and ask for His will to be done in our lives.  As a result, may He be brought glory and honor.

  1. Have you been attempting to slay the giants in your life in your own power and strength?
  2. Have you come to realize that giants can only be slain by the Lord working through you?

Prayer: Father, You and You alone are my strength and refuge.  Help my heart to run to You when I face the giants which are before me.  Let me rest in Your care and know You make me victorious.   Amen.

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