Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Often Times are Self-Centered

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Scripture: Hosea 1:6-7
Then she conceived again and gave birth to a daughter. And the Lord said to him, “Name her Lo-ruhamah, for I will no longer have compassion on the house of Israel, that I would ever forgive them.  “But I will have compassion on the house of Judah and deliver them by the Lord their God, and will not deliver them by bow, sword, battle, horses or horsemen.”

Insights: Gomer has yet a second child from another man and God commands Hosea to name this daughter Lo-ruhamah because God is getting ready to remove His compassion from the house of Israel.  The way I described this point on Sunday was regarding self-centeredness.  In other words, the reason God is getting ready to remove His compassion is because Israel had become self-centered.  All of their decisions were about themselves and their wants.  Often times we show compassion to those who are self-centered.  The Lord, in this case, is not condoning the sin of Israel, but He has displayed compassion with the hope they would repent and turn from their wicked ways.  We also show compassion to the self-centered because we desire for them to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus.  Until God’s judgment comes, His compassion is ever displayed.  In the gospel Jesus says it is the Lord who makes it to rain on the just and the unjust.  God’s provision for people in this world is a form of compassion.  If one dies without a relationship with Jesus, then this earthly existence is the most of heaven they will experience.  The reason I use this kind of language is because while they are here the Lord’s compassion is being extended to them.  He was giving them every opportunity to meet Jesus.  When they enter into the Lake of Fire, all of God’s compassion will be removed and they will only experience torment and pain.  Let us do all we can, while there is still time, to extend compassion to the self-centered while there is still time.  May they, as a result of our love, receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

1. Are you grateful for the Lord’s compassion which is on His creation?
2. In what ways have you experienced God’s compassion?

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your compassion.  Let me walk in Your mercy and grace as I experience the fullness of Your presence in my life.  Amen.

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