Monday, May 30, 2016

War is Scary

Photo by Moyan Brenn
Scripture: 1 Samuel 31:1
Now the Philistines were fighting against Israel, and the men of Israel fled from before the Philistines and fell slain on Mount Gilboa.

Insights: Let me make a few preliminary comments in today’s Thoughts by Scott.  Normally, if I am in a sermon series, I preach right on through and do not preach a “Mother’s Day” or “Memorial Day” sermon.  Last week I started a sermon series on the family from the book of Hosea and had even planned to preach that sermon yesterday.  On Friday, however, I felt the Lord tell me to change my sermon for Memorial Day.  The instruments the Lord used leading up to His promptings were some conversations I had had during the week.  I had several people ask me, and our worship minister on Sunday morning even got asked this question, if we were going to acknowledge veterans and have them stand.  I instructed our worship minister to not have them stand because this was Memorial Day Weekend, not Veterans Day Weekend.  Memorial Day is to commemorate the fallen of war not the living of service.  Some where, and I don’t know where, we have merged these two days together and our veterans can go to the local restaurant on Memorial Day and receive a free meal or at least a highly discounted meal.  I am grateful for our living service men and women.  The purpose of Memorial Day, however, is not to honor them, but their comrades in the trenches who did not make it home.  As a result of this misunderstanding, I felt the Spirit prompt me to preach a sermon about Aspects of War We Need to Remember.  The first aspect is found in today’s verse and that is war is scary.  Notice what the Israelites did.  They fled from before the Philistines.  Why did they flee?  The answer is they became frightened.  War is a fearful aspect of this world and we ought not to forget and glamorize war.  To those men and women on the front line, they experience true fear.  The same is true in our spiritual warfare.  Satan is a vicious foe and at times he makes the battle hot in our lives.  When those times come, fear is also present.  In either kind of war, let me challenge you to turn your fear over to the Lord.  He may not rescue you out of the situation on this side of eternity, but He will rescue you.  This truth will give you a strength and comfort in the midst of your fear.  Turn to Jesus and rest in Him.

1. Have you ever experienced fear?
2. What were the circumstances surrounding your fear?

Prayer: Father, You are my fortress and strong tower.  In You I have no need to fear.  Yet, in my carnality, fear arises at times.  Let me learn the grace of walking in Your sufficiency and help me to trust in Your protective eternal care. Amen.

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  1. Amen Bro.Scott! On point as always.☺

    1. Thank you Lisa. Have a blessed trip to Beautiful Feet Ministries. Great organization. I used to take my youth there to do ministry.

  2. Amen Bro.Scott! On point as always.☺