Thursday, January 19, 2017

God Never Leaves Us nor Forsakes Us

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Scripture: Jeremiah 1:8b
For I am with you to deliver you,” declares the Lord.

Insights: Yesterday we learned God is aware of our fears and doubts because He knows us personally.  Today, we learn what actually drives those fears away.  The power that drives fear from our lives is the Lord Himself.  This personal God intervenes in human history and specifically in our lives.  He is actively involved in our lives.  He is always with those who have received His Son, Jesus’ gift of salvation.  If one has entered into this relationship, then God never leaves him/her nor forsakes him/her.  God will deliver us.  He will be there with us.  In fact, in the New Testament, we are instructed to draw near to God and Satan will have to flee.  God is always with those of us whom He personally knows.  Beloved, we know these statements to be true, but all too often we do not draw near to the Lord.  Instead we remain in our fears and doubts and then wonder why God is not doing anything in our lives.  We start to wonder how God can be personally involved with us and at the same time allow such heartache and fear.  The reality is we treat God like a genie in a bottle and run to Him in crisis, but do not abide in Him.  We then wonder why He does not answer.  Imagine if your child came to you only when they wanted or needed something.  They never hugged or kissed you.  They never talked to you.  They never shared a meal with you.  They never interacted with you.  The only time they came to you is when they were in trouble.  In that kind of scenario you would not have a very good relationship with them.  It would be strained and difficult with which to relate.  We treat God like this and then wonder why there is a strain in our relationship.  Beloved, let me encourage you to abide in Him, and as you do, He will deliver you.  He will always be with you.  He will never forsake you.  Rest in Him and be blessed.

 1. Is Jesus always with you?
 2. Do you understand for Jesus to always be with you that you need a personal relationship with Him?

Prayer: Father, thank You for receive me into Your family.  As a result, You are always with me.  Your presence removes fear when I lean into You.  May I ever draw near to You and be in awe of Your power.  Amen.

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