Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Two Principles of Integrity

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Scripture: Proverbs 10:9
He who walks in integrity walks securely, But he who perverts his ways will be found out.

Insights: There were four principles regarding integrity we looked at this week.  The first one is that Christians reject passivity.  As with the sources we discussed yesterday, I fear the church of the United States has become far too passive in its declaration of truth.  For far too long we have side stepped issues in fear of hurting and offending other people.  I believe Joel Green and Mark Baker are correct in their book titled, Recovering the Scandal of the Cross.  The cross is offensive to all who will not submit to Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ absolute refusal to bend the requirements of salvation makes His work offensive and scandalous to ears who want a loving God without a holy wrath.  A Christ-follower is one who will be full of integrity and not dance around the issues regarding the truth of the Scriptures.  Rather, the second point of integrity is exactly what this follower ought to look like.  A person of integrity accepts responsibility.  In other words, this person says, “On my watch I stood for the truth and declared it boldly to those in need.”  A person of integrity that accepts responsibility is willing to say, “The condition of my church, family and society are directly related to my personal worship of the Lord Jesus.”  Responsibility acknowledges when we have messed it up.  Responsibility will stand for the right no matter the cost.  Responsibility is something men have fought against ever since Adam and Eve.  Adam was present with Eve when she was tempted.  Yet, after he ate of the fruit and God confronts him, Adam does not take responsibility.  He blames Eve and ultimately God for giving him Eve.  How did Eve respond?  The answer is, “It’s the serpents fault.”  Beloved we must reject passivity and accept responsibility for our actions.  It is truly the only way to live a life of integrity and a life that impacts those around us.  I pray you will be full of integrity.

1. Would others classify you as a person who is passive in regards to being a person of integrity?
2. Would others speak of you and say, you are a person who accepts responsibility for whatever happens?

Prayer: Father, help me Lord to be an individual who takes responsibility for my life.  Grant me the boldness to not be passive in the midst of injustice and wrong.  Let me display Your love and grace triumphantly and with integrity.  Amen.

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