Thursday, June 30, 2016

Express to Others the Consequences of Their Sin

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Scripture: Hosea 3:4
For the sons of Israel will remain for many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar and without ephod or household idols.

Insights: In the verse today we learn about the consequences of our actions.  Israel is being informed by the Lord that He is going to remove their kings and destroy their houses of worship.  These two actions were punishments of the Lord on Israel for their sins.  When we play the harlot with the Lord regarding our choices of sin, then there will be consequences.  Punishment is the right and proper response from a just and holy God as a result of our rebellion.  It is important for us to understand the distinction between consequences and grace.  At any point we can turn to the Lord and authentically repent from our sins.  When we make this request of contrition, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.  Forgiveness does not equate to no consequences.  Look at it like this: I get caught speeding by a highway patrolman.  As we talk I tell him I am sorry for speeding.  He replies, I forgive you for speeding, but here is the ticket you will have to pay for your disobedience to the law.  We are able to experience forgiveness and natural consequences at the same time.  The Lord is trying to help Israel understand that if they continue to walk the path of a harlot, then there will be the natural consequence of their national destruction.  Beloved, hear the promptings of the Spirit now.  Do not walk into sin knowing there will be consequences for your rebellion.  Pursue Him with all of your heart and walk in His paths of righteousness and holiness.

1. What have been some of the consequences to your choices?
2. Have you recognized how God has used those consequences as a way of pointing you to the right path?

Prayer: Father, my choices have consequences and I am aware of this reality.  These often point me to Your grace.  Help me to see your drawing hand of grace on my life in the midst of my rebellion from Your grace.  Amen.

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