Friday, December 25, 2015

Evaluations from 2015, Part 2

Yesterday I reflected on the first lesson I learned in 2015 which was focus and intentionality are vital for success.  The next one is similar to the first, but with a slightly different nuance.  The second lesson is priorities must constantly be evaluated.  Everything is bidding for our time, but our lives must have a proper alignment.  The alignment for me that I verbalize is God first, family second, work third and recreation last.  Recently I watched a Michael Hyatt video on priorities and it caused me to think about my list.  Not only does my list not have a provision for my personal health, but my list is just lip service.  If you were to poll my family, they would say my list would be God first or work first and vice versa, then would come the family.  As a result, I am asking the three important questions Michael Hyatt has challenged me to ask and am evaluating my priorities and their proper placement for the fulfillment of my life goals.  I recommend his three part video to you.  You can find it at the following link

The third lesson I learned this year was partnership and team-building are an absolute must.  I am absolutely incapable of accomplishing my goals without the help of others.  For example, Kristy’s and my financial goal for our adoption would not have been met if it had not been for two other couples with whom we partnered.  A second example is in regard to the vision FBCBG has just passed unanimously.  If the strategic planning team had not worked as hard and as diligently as they had, we would never have been able to present the proposal to the church.  As for the team-building aspect of this lesson, it is something the staff at FBCBG are constantly striving to develop in our lives.  We read books, listen to leadership cd’s and videos and spur each other on through conversation and reflection.  If it were not for this staff helping me stay focused and prioritized, then I would be drifting through my ministry and that would be an absolute failure.

The final lesson I learned was pleasure can be experienced vicariously.  As I have already stated, Kristy and I adopted three precious girls this year.  I have experienced more joy and pleasure in watching them tackle life than I believe I ever did living it myself.  I recall going to the beach with them and watching them play in the Gulf.  The thrill of watching them play soccer or show me artwork.  The pure fascination of listening to a child giggle with uncontrolled pleasure from playing and wrestling.  I had believed I was capable of rationalizing the joy of parenting, but to actually do it is a completely different matter.  It is far greater and more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed.  I am truly a rich man because of these three young ladies.

There were other lessons I have learned this year, but these four I have written about yesterday and today are of the most important.  They are going to be tools by which I will judge and determine what I will do in 2016.  

Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly this day!

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