Thursday, December 24, 2015

Evaluations from 2015, Part 1

Today is the first blog of this nature for me.  I began to ponder earlier in the month about my blogging process and procedures.  As you readers of my blog know, I blog summary statements from the sermon I preached the preceding Sunday.  There are, however, times in which I only have three points or possibly even four.  In the past, I have not blogged on the remaining Thursday and Friday of that particular week.  As I pondered my blogging I made a decision and that is to blog Monday through Friday even if I only have three or four points.  The last day or two of a week in which I don’t have five or more sermon points will consist of random Thoughts by Scott.  The subjects could deal with leadership, vision, relationships, or a host of other topics I sense the Lord would have me to write about that particular day.  I will still keep my words to around 500, but I am sure there will be times in which it will be less than that and times in which it will be more (like today).  On these days the format will be just this plain block paragraph look with no section division like my sermon blogs.

For today and tomorrow I wish to be reflective about 2015 and next week I will be using the remainder of the week to write about 2016 and various thoughts I have.  As you know Kristy and I adopted three girls this year and it has caused me to rethink my life.  There are four lessons I have learned and they are:

  • Focus and Intentionality are Vital for Success
  • Priorities Must Constantly be Evaluated
  • Partnership and Team-building are an Absolute Must
  • Pleasure can be Experienced Vicariously

Let me clarify these four lessons.  Here is what I mean by focus and intentionality are vital for success.  In this world there are all kind of good things which fight for our time and attention.  There are funny television shows.  There are good work projects.  There are enjoyable relationships.  There are a lot of good things, but I am reminded of Jim Collins book Good to Great which was written in 2001 in which he talks about why some companies become great and others just remain good.  Jesus Himself did not give us the good commission or the good commandment.  Rather He gave us the great commission and the great commandment.

As a result of this thought process it has made me evaluate and make certain decisions this year and I can tell it will already be making an influence on my decision in 2016.  Let me list a few here for you.  I have not watched television (this does not mean Friday night movie night with my family) since June of this year.  I have chosen to stop scrolling through Facebook feeds.  There were two game apps I used to play and one of them was not relaxing and it took too long to accomplish the daily task.  As a result, I quit playing it.

The point I am attempting to make is we need to focus the use of our time and be intentional about doing things that will help us meet our life objectives.  There were a couple of television shows I found enjoyable.  Facebook did help me keep up with friends and family (though more often than not, I was frustrated with what I would read).  As for the game, I really have no idea why I played it.  These activities though took up too much time and did not help me meet my life objectives.  As a result, I had to get rid of them.  In order for me to succeed as a father and a pastor, I needed become more focused and intentional about the activities in which I chose to participate  Tomorrow I will elaborate on the remaining three lessons I learned this year.

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