Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jesus' Sacrifice

Scripture: Philippians 2:8
Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.

Insights:  As we enter into this eighth verse we start to see this level of commitment keeps getting deeper and deeper.  In other words, the way to experience exciting joyful worship is to be selfless in our position.  Selflessness, however, is not enough to truly experience complete exciting joyful worship in the Lord.  One must also serve others and put their needs above one’s own desires.  This service, however is not enough either to experience the depths of this exciting joyful worship.  One must also sacrifice.  Dr. J. H. Jowett wrote, “Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.”  True, real worship of our Lord is going to cost us something.  The cost may even be painful for a time, but it is worth whatever the cost to experience Him and to know His presence is with you.  Beloved, I think we are really good at identifying the problems of this world, but I think we drastically fall short when it comes to the necessary sacrifice required to fix the problems.  As a result, the problems persist and we continue to complain because we were unwilling to experience the personal pain that was required to fix the problem.  Because we refused to sacrifice, we then complain about others and say it is their fault we are in such a situation.  The truth is it was our fault as well, but we were too comfortable and unwilling to pay the sacrificial price required to see God move in an amazing way in the midst of this problem.  Beloved, let me encourage you to live sacrificially.  I promise you, once you do, you really will not regret the decision.

1.  In what ways is the Lord commanding you to sacrifice your life to Him?
2.  Is your sacrifice really costing you something?

Prayer: Father, sacrifice is painful and costly and I have not come to the place where I enjoy it as of yet.  I understand, however, true exciting joy is only going to come through such a sacrifice to You.  Grant me the courage to live life in such brokenness before You.  Amen.

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