Monday, May 11, 2015

Hope is the Result of Exciting Joyful Worship

Scripture: Philippians 1:18f-20
Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, according to my earnest expectation and hope, that I will not be put to shame in anything, but that with all boldness, Christ will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.

Insights:  Paul has told us about his imprisonment for the proclamation of the gospel.  He has told us about his joy in the proclamation of the gospel by those who have impure motives.  Now he is telling us that he knows that through the Spirit and the prayers of the saints that he will be delivered.  This deliverance Paul is referring to is not an earthly deliverance, though I know he would have rejoiced in that as well, but in an eternal deliverance.  His hope is built on the fact that God is going to take him home one day.  It is for this reason that Paul tells us that Jesus is going to be exalted whether by life or by death.  If he remains alive, then he will keep on proclaiming Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the world and people will get saved.  If he dies, then he goes to be reunited forever more with his true love, Jesus.  Either way, by life or by death, Paul wins and he is excited about this kind of hopeful prospect in the Lord.  Beloved, it is my earnest prayer that we all begin to live life with this kind of fervency and hope.  May we understand our position as winners no matter what comes our way.  Let is always be bold, as Paul was bold, in our proclamation of the gospel.  May our words lead many to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Put your hope in Him and you will never be sorry because He is always faithful.

1.  Would you characterize your life as being hope-filled or hopeless?
2.  Do you know that your only true hope can be found in a relationship with Jesus?

Prayer: Father, my hope is found in You and You alone.  Thank You that I know one day you will deliver me from this world into Your glorious kingdom.  Amen.

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