Monday, January 28, 2013

Solitude is the Quintessential Ingredient to be Led by God, Part 1

Scripture: Nehemiah 2:11-12
So I came to Jerusalem and was there three days. And I arose in the night, I and a few men with me. I did not tell anyone what my God was putting into my mind to do for Jerusalem and there was no animal with me except the animal on which I was riding.

Insights: Let me set the scene a little for our verses today.  Nehemiah had prayed for four months for God to move on the king’s heart.  Finally the day came and God granted Nehemiah favor with the king.  Then there was the long, arduous journey of eight-hundred miles back to Jerusalem.  Along the way, he had to stop off for supplies.  The day finally arrived in which Nehemiah pulls into Jerusalem.  One would have thought after waiting all of this time that Nehemiah would have been ready to hire the subcontractors, pull out the trowel, and start the rebuilding of the wall.  That story was not at all what Nehemiah did.  In typical fashion of this man of prayer, he went into solitude for three days.  Then on the fourth night he went out alone, with only his animal, to inspect the walls.  When it reports in this twelfth verse that a few men arose with him that does not mean they went on the inspection with him.  The helped saddle his animal and gather up the few supplies Nehemiah was going to need.  I am over emphasizing Nehemiah’s isolation because solitude is the forgotten character of a person of faith in our twenty-first century world.  Life is so incredibly fast past that we often times forget to have time with the Lord in prayer and personal Bible study.  I don’t want you to miss some very crucial words found in that twelfth verse.  Nehemiah shared with us that God put some thoughts into his mind about Jerusalem.  When do you think the Lord put those thoughts into his mind?  Do you think it happened while he was out there so busy with the things of this world?  Absolutely not!  He heard from the Lord God in his three days of silence and solitary.  Nehemiah understood how serious this job of wall building was and he also knew he was incapable of pulling this job off without the favor of God on his life.  Private time alone with God in prayer and Bible study is the most important thing we as Christ-followers do for the Lord.  It is out of those times that we are empowered and directed to accomplish His will here on earth.  Beloved, spend time ALONE with the Father!

  1. How are your quiet times with God going right now?
  2. Are you equating activity with spiritual maturity?
Prayer: Father, in the busyness of life do not let me forsake my time with You.  Strengthen my heart to daily choose to love You.  Help me to truly understand the consequences of forsaken time in Your presence.  Amen.

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