Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Timothy was Convicted about Proclamation

Scripture: Philippians 2:22
But you know of his proven worth, that he served with me in the furtherance of the gospel like a child serving his father.

Insights: Most sons can look back on their relationship with their father and can remember idolizing that man.  Even if the father was not the best father, most sons wanted to be like him.  The same can be said regarding mothers and daughters.  There is a natural desire within us to please our parents and to be like them, especially when one is a child.  Paul has called Timothy his son in the faith in other locations (1 Timothy 1:2 & 2 Timothy 1:2).  The point is Timothy, like a natural child, is trying to please his spiritual father in the faith.  What is Paul passionate about?  The answer is the proclamation of the gospel.  So, what is Timothy, Paul’s spiritual child, passionate about?  The answer is the proclamation of the gospel.  Paul even says that Timothy has proven his worth in regards to the furthering the gospel.  So, what does all of this information mean for us?  Let’s take the earthly spiritual father or mother picture and drop it for just a moment.  Let’s pick up the picture of whom our real spiritual Father is and that is God Himself.  What is God passionate about?  The answer is the saving of many lives.  It was God who loved us so much that He sent His Son to die a death to pay our penalty for sin.  His Son died for us while we were still enemies of God.  Yet, He desired for us to come to a saving relationship with Him.  So, we know that God’s passion is the saving of lost people.  If God’s passion is this reality, then ours, as His spiritual children, ought to be the same as well.  Our lives as believers ought to display our proven worth to the kingdom of God.  Our lives ought to be dedicated to the furtherance of the gospel.  We ought to serve with the hope of pleasing our real Father.  Beloved, if these statements are not true of your life, then repent and ask God to put a passion in your heart for the lost.  Pray that kind of prayer every day until the Lord answers.  He will answer such a prayer in the affirmative, because it is His nature to save the lost.  Proclaim the gospel, Beloved, and feel the convicting power of such a responsibility!

  1. Are intentional about sharing the gospel with the lost around you?
  2. Does your life show your proven worth to the kingdom of God?
Prayer: Father, increase my heartbeat for evangelism.  May I desire to see the lost come to the saving relationship with Your Son as much as You desire it.  Amen. 

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