Thursday, November 22, 2012

Epaphroditus was a Soldier with Responsibilities for His Church

Scripture: Philippians 2:25-26
But I thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger and minister to my need; because he was longing for you all and was distressed because you had heard that he was sick.

Insights: Notice the versatility of Epaphroditus in these couple of verses.  Paul calls him his brother, his fellow worker and his fellow soldier.  He names two specific areas in which Epaphroditus ministered.  He served as a messenger for the church of Philippi and he also assisted Paul by ministering to his needs.  The Holy Spirit is the provider of our spiritual giftedness.  Now these statements I am mentioning regarding the versatility of Epaphroditus is in no ways to insinuate that every believer has all of the spiritual gifts mentioned throughout the Bible.  It is to say, however, that believers are given a multiplicity of gifts and are responsible in nurturing them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Here is one of the reasons we need to grow in many areas of our Christian faith.  I have known Christians who are so militant in their giftedness that they forget to be fellow brothers and socialize through fellowship with their brothers and sisters.  At the same time they have been so evangelistic in their pursuits that they fail to serve in the local church through ministries designed for the discipline of the brothers.  At the same time, I have known believers that are so inwardly focused with fellowship and body edification that they never share the gospel with anyone.  These examples are all poor illustrations of what it means to be a Christian.  We are to be like Epaphroditus and be a brother or sister to the rest of God’s children.  We are to serve the body of Christ in service at the local church.  We are also supposed to be light in a dark world.  We need to be well rounded in our faith like Epaphroditus.

  1. In what ways do you serve the Lord in the Body of Christ?
  2. Are you versatile in your service?
Prayer: Father, I desire to honor You in all the ways in which You have called me to serve.  May You be please with my sacrifice.  Amen. 

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