Monday, March 6, 2017

Humanity is Often Times Self-Serving

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Scripture: Matthew 18:1
At that time the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

Insights: Today’s verse really takes us back to the Garden of Eden in some ways.  At the root of Adam and Eve’s fall was their prideful desire to be God.  They wanted to be the greatest and be served rather than to serve.  With this foundation, it is no wonder the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him, more than once I might add, who the greatest in His kingdom was to be.  They are not asking this question with altruistic means.  Rather, they are doing it as a comparison game to find out who is the winner.  Peter could look at Bart and say, “I am better than him,” but John could say to Peter, “Ya, but I am the one whom He loves.”  This question reveals their hearts desire for one-ups-menship.  Beloved, if we are truly honest, then we are the same way.  We are all individuals who want to be on top and not at the bottom.  I love the fact these stories are in the Bible because it shows the truth of humanities depraved and self-seeking motivations.  The Scriptures, however, give us hope.  The rest of the week we will discuss this hope in further detail.  Until then, let me encourage you to start thinking less often about yourself.  In other words, don’t become the center of your universe.  Start thinking more about the Lord Jesus and let Him become the true center of all things.  You will be amazed at the peace you will experience when you stop being self-serving.  May the Lord bless you this day as you live life from the perspective of service to others instead of to yourself.

1. Is your life characterized more by self-interest or in the betterment of others?
2. Why do you think the human race battles so much with self-serves?

Prayer: Father, I am a selfish person, but I do not desire to be.  Continue Your transforming work in my life and help me to walk in Your grace.  May I become a better servant of others than I presently am.  Amen.

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