Friday, January 31, 2014

We Trust God in Our Pain

Scripture: Job 1:22
Through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God.

Insights: Today’s verse tells us Job did not sin nor did he BLAME God.  What an amazing testimony.  I pray the Lord is able to say such a statement about me when I face trials and difficulties which result in incredible pain.  This verse is basically telling us that Job trusted God.  He believed God had a plan and a purpose behind this entire calamity.  Remember, Job did not know about the cosmic conversation between God and Satan.  Job, however, trusted in the reality that God is not a capricious God dangling him over the fiery coals of life.  God had a reason to allow Job to go through all of this and it was because God also trusted Job enough to know he was not going to sin and curse God.  In other words, Job was God’s champion before Satan, and Job won the victory for God.  Beloved, it is my prayer that you can display your love for God in the midst of your pain and suffering and He helps you realize He trusts you as well.  We need to be a champion for the Lord in these trying times of life. I know I don’t always live this verse out well, but I am going to apply yesterday’s lesson to my life and strive to be humble myself before the Lord.  From this state of dependence on God for my security I hope to not sin nor blame God for my struggles.  Beloved, let us be trophies the Lord is able to raise up before Satan and declare, “This child was found faithful!”  Trust Him today!

  1. Do you trust the Lord to be faithful to you no matter what you are presently facing?
  2. Can God trust you to be faithful to Him and bring Him glory as you experience your pain?

Prayer: Father, You see the big picture and I do not.  Forgive me when I look at my difficulties with grumblings and complaints.  You are working everything to my good and I need to learn to trust You more fully.  Grant me Your grace to live such a hope out before a watching world.  Amen.

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