Friday, January 24, 2014

Only an Advocate Can Get Us Out of the Pit

Scripture: Genesis 37:21-22
But Reuben heard this and rescued him out of their hands and said, "Let us not take his life." Reuben further said to them, "Shed no blood. Throw him into this pit that is in the wilderness, but do not lay hands on him"-- that he might rescue him out of their hands, to restore him to his father.

Insights: Our final thought this week comes from verses twenty-one and twenty-two.  Notice with me that Reuben acted as an advocate for Joseph.  It was his idea to put Joseph in the pit in order to save his life.  It was his idea to come back later and get him out of the pit and return him to his father.  It was his idea to save Joseph.  In some way, he did, because Joseph’s life was spared.  If Reuben had not spoken on Joseph’s behalf to his brothers, Joseph would have died that day and the dreams the Lord had given to Joseph would not have come to pass.  The point, however, is Reuben, in a flawed way, is representative of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the perfect advocate which God sent to this earth to get us out of our pit of sin.  Every one of us is in a pit of sin and is unable to get out of it.  Jesus speaks and acts on our behalf by dying on the Cross of Calvary and paying our sin debt.  He then intercedes on our behalf before His Father and tells Him of those who have received Him as Lord and Savior.  For every one who has Christ Jesus in his or her heart is saved the eternal punishment of slavery to sin, which leads to the Lake of Fire.  Beloved, I am so grateful God sent Jesus to be that perfect advocate for us.  Not only does He save us from our sin, but He gives us a relationship with the Triune God.  I promise you there is nothing greater than a relationship found with the perfect advocate, Jesus!

  1. Have you encountered the perfect advocate, Jesus Christ?
  2. Are you willing to receive His gift of salvation by receiving Him as Lord and Savior?

Prayer: Father, thank You for sending Jesus to be the perfect advocate for me.  Let my relationship with Him grow and flourish by Your grace.  Amen.

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