Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Peace Found in Jesus' Knowledge

Photo by Kai C. Schwarzer
Scripture: Isaiah 11:2
The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him, The spirit of wisdom and understanding, The spirit of counsel and strength, The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

Insights: In today’s verse we see the second reason we ought to have peace in our Messiah, Jesus Christ.  He knows everything.  The theological language describing this truth is He is omniscient.  Jesus possesses all wisdom and understanding.  In His counsel strength is found.  He, because He is God, understands why one ought to fear Him and how this fear cultivates knowledge.  The reason these facts produce peace is because Jesus knows our past perfectly.  He knows every sin we have ever committed and every right choice we have made to draw closer towards Him.  He knows our present perfectly as well.  He knows what our very thoughts are as we read this blog post.  He knows exactly what we are feeling and the concerns which may be resting on our hearts.  He knows the inside workings of our hearts at this second perfectly.  He also, however, knows our future.  He knows every decision we will make in the days to come.  He knows where we will spend eternity, either in heaven with Him or in the Lake of Fire separated from His mercy and grace.  The reason this knowledge gives us peace is because we can trust Him because He already knows.  In other words, with others we often walk around guarded by what we say and do.  With the Lord, however, there is no need for pretense of falsity because He knows the truth at the deepest level of our being.  This fact comforts my heart and I pray it does yours as well.  Approaching Him from this perspective grants us a vulnerability that will provide us with amazing freedom.  We are able to live with courage and boldness because we can trust our Messiah with our future because He already knows what it is.  Beloved, trust His knowledge and live in His peace as a result.

 1. Do you know someone who thinks they know everything?
 2. Are you comforted by the fact that God does know everything?

Prayer: Father, I so often lie to myself that I am at times overwhelmed by the accuracy of knowledge regarding my life.  Yet, at the same time, knowing You know my future gives me a peace indescribable.  Amen.

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