Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Choose Your Location Well

Photo by Magnus Larsson
Scripture: Titus 3:12b
make every effort to come to me at Nicopolis, for I have decided to spend the winter there.

Insights: I received a call several years ago from a lady who had recently purchased twelve acres of land next to the church I was pastoring at the time.  She had worked in corporate America in a cubical all of her life and she had done very well.  She was getting ready to retire early and start her second career.  She told me she wanted to work with the land and, specifically, she want to plant olive trees.  Now I don’t know if you are aware, but olive trees like dry environments and only need deep watering about once a month.  Mobile, AL is the rainiest city in the forty-eight contiguous states with more than five feet of rainfall annually according to WeatherBill, Inc.  I would say this lady’s choice of olive tree planting is an unwise decision.  In today’s verse we see the need to choose our location wisely.  Paul is choosing to do the snow bird thing and weather out the winter at Nicopolis.  Choosing to winter there affects the people with whom Paul will be able to minister.  Where we choose to plant our lives affects not only us but our children and potentially our grandchildren.  We need to be certain we have heard clearly from the Lord as to where we live.  I realize our world is becoming an ever shrinking world and the ability to get from one location to another is become very small.  This fact, however, does not negate the importance of our location.  For example, let’s say you were called to minister to Native American Indians, but you lived in Scandinavia.  I would say this location is going to be pretty inhibiting for you to accomplish your ministerial calling.  You would literally have to leave Scandinavia and come to a specific pocket of Native Americans in the U.S. and minister to them there.  Let us strive to know the Lord’s will and then be obedient to Him no matter where it puts us in a geographical sense of the word.  Let’s choose wisely were were are going to live.

1. Where do you find your residency?
2. Have you sought the Lord to determine if He has called you to your present location?

Prayer: Father, I truly desire to be in the center of Your will.  Thank You for placing me where I am and grant me mercy to know Your will for my present dwelling.  Amen.

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