Friday, July 18, 2014

God's Word Satisfies Hunger

Scripture: Psalm 119:47
I shall delight in Your commandments,
Which I love.

Insights:  The key word in today’s verse is the word delight.  This word brings with it completeness and satisfaction.  In other words, God’s Word, which the psalmist states he loves, satisfies him or brings him to a place of completion.  Of all the aspects we have looked at this week, or for that matter the final aspect we will look at tomorrow, this one is the hardest to explain.  What I mean by that statement is this seventh point is more subjective and spiritual in nature.  It is harder to quantify the evidence.  You have either experienced the satisfaction found in God through His Word or you don’t really understand about what I am talking.  The best way I can explain it is the Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and does a transforming work within side of His children.  As they read His Word, it changes them and their life situations.  As it changes them, the situation itself may not change, but they themselves are changed.  Then they face these obstacles as one who does not just endure through it, but soars through it because they have come to the place where the Lord God is all that really matters to them.  They don’t have to worry about financial pressures, relational pressures, intellectual pressures or any other kind of pressure because God is all they need.  If they were to loss all they had, they would be okay as long as they had the Lord and the Word in their hearts.  They would be satisfied.  One either has this satisfaction or they don’t.  It is a very difficult and strange subject to explain.  May the Lord reveal the depths of this truth to your heart as you study His Word.

1.  With what are you trying to satisfy your spiritual hunger?
2.  Have you ever experienced the incredible satisfaction found in God as you read His Word?

Prayer: Father, thank You that Your Word satisfies my every hunger in this world.  No matter what challenge, obstacle or difficulty I face, Your Word meets my need.  May I grow in grace and learn more of It. Amen.

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