Friday, June 13, 2014

Obey God and Bring Him Glory

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 12:13c-14
and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.

Insights:   This week’s final thought is the conclusion of Solomon’s devotion found in the proper perspective.  In other words, we fear God.  Out of our love and fear of the Lord, we obey Him.  Because we obey Him, then our judgment reveals the good He has done within us and it brings Him glory.  I have a pastor friend named Jim Harris.  Earlier this week he posted the following thoughts.  If he had done it before Sunday, I would have used them in my evening service.  Considering he did not, I will post them here for you now.  I think his words wrap up this line of reasoning really well.  Enjoy: “The proof of desire is pursuit. What I am chasing in life reveals what I am interested in and have passion for. If I say I am a Christian and want God's will in my life yet I consistently use Sundays as a day for going to the beach, fishing, sleeping in, or some other personal hobby...I am being dishonest with myself and God. I will pursue what I love. I will pursue what brings me personal pleasure, fulfillment, and joy. If I say I love the Lord and want his will in my life, yet the only reading I do is Sports Illustrated or the NY Stock Exchange section and never pick up my Bible to discover the character of God, I am being dishonest with myself and God. If I say my passion is to be an Olympic swimmer yet I am in the pool one day a month, I am lying myself. If a man tells his wife he loves her yet is carrying on an affair, he is being dishonest with himself and his wife. What one says is useless unless what one does supports the claim. What do you pursue in life? I mean what do you chase hard after? What do you spend time and money tracking down? In what do you invest sweat equity and energy? What do you think brings you the highest level of happiness and fulfillment? The answer(s) to these questions pinpoint what I truly worship. I am convinced God deserves and has earned our worship by who He is and what He has invested in our redemption. He pursued us! He invested time, energy, and great passion to reveal his great love for the human species. He truly pursued what he loved! He desired us. The proof of desire is pursuit.”  Thank you Jim for your excellent words regarding our obedience and our heart’s devotion.

  1. Would you say your life is characterized as being obedient to the Lord?
  2. If not, why not?

Prayer: Father, my life of obedience brings You glory.  May I indeed bring You the glory You rightfully deserve.  Amen.

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