Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Responder Remembrance 5K Run/Walk

Today is September 1!!!  In less than two weeks we will be hosting our First Responder Remembrance 5K run/walk.  The reason for the run/walk is to remember and to honor our first responders. Fifteen years ago on September 11 the United States experienced a terror attack in multiple locations in our country. Many first responders gave their lives that day in order to save others.  Fifteen years later these brave men and women are still risking their lives every day. As a result, First Baptist Church of Bowling Green is hosting this 5K run/walk in remembrance of our first responders. All the proceeds from this event we'll be going to the four first responder organizations of Hardy County. Those organizations are the Bowling Green Police Department, the Wauchula Police Department, the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department, and the Hardee County Fire and Rescue Department.

I would like to take a moment to challenge you to participate in this event. There are a couple of ways in which you can become involved. Firstly, you could actually sign up to be a runner or a walker in the event. Secondly, you could actually be a sponsor of the event. Even though at this point we cannot put your logo on any of our material, we would still like you to give financial support to our first responders of Hardee county.  There’s literally no amount that is too small. Every bit of the profits will go to these four organizations as a way of acknowledging their work and the sacrifices they make for our community.

Personally I think it is absolutely vital we share with our law enforcement and fire personnel that we appreciate them and respect the work they do. Would you please rally around this event and show your support for these organizations. If you'd like more information, please feel free to call the church office at 863-375-2253. We thank you in advance for your participation in this worthwhile community event. One less thing I wish to ask of you and that is to go and share this event to as many people as possible from now until the race.

For more information regarding this race please visit our Facebook page at the following link:

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