Friday, July 8, 2016

Submerge Deep in Your Life

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Emotions are a funny thing.  There are times in one’s life in which they are so exhilarated and passionate they feel they could scale Mount Everest and not even break a sweat.  There are other times in which one is so drained and depressed they feel as if they cannot even get out of their bed.  It has always intrigued me as to how some people are able to feel something and yet still press on toward either a positive or a negative end.

This coming Sunday I will be preaching our Vacation Bible School (VBS) theme verses because on Monday we start VBS.  Our theme this year is to Submerge and Find the Truth Below the Surface.  As we investigate this particular verse Sunday I think  we will discover that for most people there is something going on deeper in our lives than the surface emotions with which we are experiencing.

On Sunday, I will provide you with a simple action step to find out what you are experiencing and why.  We will not stop at just the discovery phase of our emotions, however, we will submerge deeper and learn what we can do to not let our emotions dictate our activity.

If you do not have a church home, let me encourage you to come worship with us at FBC Bowling Green.  Our worship service starts at 10:45 a.m. and our Sunday School hour starts at 9:30 a.m.  Let me also encourage you to invite a friend with you this Sunday and let them learn this simple action step to live life to the full and not to be trapped by one’s emotional situation at the present moment.

May you have a blessed weekend and I look forward to seeing you Sunday.  God bless!

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