Wednesday, July 13, 2016

See Me, O God

Photo by Barron Fujimoto
Scripture: Psalm 139:24a
And see if there be any hurtful way in me,

Insights: So far we have learned four parts of the ACTION steps.  They have been:

  • Acknowledge the emotion.
  • Consider why you have it.
  • Thank God that He will help you master it.
  • Identify the biblical response to it.

Today we learn the fifth part of the ACTION steps and it is Obey the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Notice in today’s verse we have the Lord observing our lives.  If we are truly obeying Him, will we have have hurtful ways?  The answer is a resounding no.  I feel I need to clarify this concept of hurtful ways, however, in the midst of our current societal norms.  It is not hurtful to tell a child no to something that is not in their best interest.  It is not hurtful to make a child mind and learn respect when the child does not want to do something.  In fact, it IS hurtful to enable a person to continue to make choices in their lives that will lead them down paths of bondage and pain.  I say this because there are times the Holy Spirit will have us to make a right stand regarding a subject and it will be unpopular by the masses.  The populace do not change the correctness of the decision and to them it may seem or even appear hurtful, but if it is the right choice under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, then it is not hurtful.  God is seeing our choices and He desires to know if we will follow Him no matter what.  Beloved, as our world becomes ever increasingly evil, I pray you will stay true to the Father.  I pray you daily spend time with Him and let Him guide you by His Spirit.  I pray you find His peace to be sufficient in the midst of turmoil and that you realize that your actions are truly not harmful, but helpful to those who will heed your advice.  May God be honored and glorified as you obey the Holy Spirit’s leading.

1. Are you following the Holy Spirit’s leading?
2. What challenges or obstacles are you experiencing as you obey the Holy Spirit?

Prayer: Father, lead me by Your Spirit and grant me the courage and faith to follow well.  I know the enemy does not want my allegiance to You to be more than lip service.  As a result, he attacks me when I obey.  Help me to trust You in this journey of faith.  Amen.

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