Monday, October 12, 2015

Fear Presses Us To Isolation

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:3d
and left his servant there.

Insights:  Yesterday we learned that Elijah was scared.  Over these next few days we are going to see some of the results fear has on our lives.  The first way Satan attacks us in our fear is through isolation.  Notice in this verse that Elijah leaves his servant behind.  This is a servant who has helped him along the way and has been his friend and confidant.  Now, however, his fear drives him to leave the servant behind.  So often in the body of Christ we face some kind of fear and instead of running to the Lord and the body of Christ, we run away from Him and them.  When we get away from the body, we face all kinds of obstacles.  Beloved, let me encourage you to not forsake the assembly of the brethren as some are in the habit of doing when you are being told lies by the enemy.  Always remember that he hates you.  He wants you isolated so that he can beat you up even more.  He wants to make things even harder on you and he know he can have an upper hand if he can get you to leave the body of Christ.  I want you to also realize the body of Christ is imperfect.  There are times in which we know you are going through difficult circumstances and we don’t actually know what to say to you.  Don’t let Satan use this human frailty to keep you away from the body.  Some times, we are only capable of listening and sometimes we are not even good at that, but please know we are praying for you in your times of difficulty.  Run to the Christ and let the Body help heal you.

1.  Are you isolating yourself from the body of Christ?
2.  What lie is Satan telling you that is driving you to this isolation?

Prayer: Father, help me to understand just how important the body of Christ is for my health and vitality in You.  Help me to grow in love with them and as a result be strengthened in You.  Amen.

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