Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fear Presses Us To Fatigue

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:5a
He lay down and slept under a juniper tree;

Insights:  There is a third thing Elijah experienced in his state of depression and that was absolute fatigue.  I don’t think this verse is in the passage to tell us Elijah went for his nightly rest.  I think this is telling us more about his situation in which he is totally exhausted and as a result he is not resting well.  This fatigue is just the natural result of a spiritual battle.  In other words, when we are depressed we don’t sleep well.  We don’t get as many hours as we actually need of sleep.  Because of this physiological aspect of depression we go through life overwhelmed and tired.  We are always tired.  This kind of fatigue is not natural and it leads us to make poor decisions.  Let me encourage you to force yourself up in the morning and to read the Bible.  Then lay down at a reasonable hour at night and even if you can’t sleep, stay there in bed and read the Bible until you fall asleep.  If you will keep this pattern going long enough, the Lord  will renew your strength.  He will bring you back to health and wholeness.  Your energy will be restored in the Lord.

1.  Are you feeling exhausted all the time?
2.  What lie is Satan telling you that is driving you to restlessness and fatigue?

Prayer: Father, depression has a way of making us not rest well.  When we don’t rest well we are fatigued and we make poor decisions.  Lord, strengthen me in Your grace and help me to truly rest.  Amen.

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