Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teachers Want Their Disciples to Obey

Scripture: Matthew 14:29a
And He said, “Come!”

Insights: Yesterday we learned that it was the disciples desire to obey his rabbi.  The flip side of that same coin is that the rabbi wants his disciple to obey him.  I quoted a mid rash saying that went like this Sunday, “May the dust of your rabbi be upon you.”  That statement was a statement of blessing.  The one saying that do a disciple was in essence saying, “May you walk so closely with your rabbi that his very dust from his step would fall on you as you walk behind him.”  In other words, a disciple was to hang around their rabbi so much that they learned what obedience meant.  In order to know what we ought to do, the rabbi would take his disciples on journeys.  For example, there was a time Jesus took His disciples to Ceaseria Phillipi.  Now you need to understand that Jews did not go to Ceaseria Phillipi unless they absolutely had to, but Jesus takes His disciples there.  The reason this was such a big deal was that in Ceaseria Phillipi there was a worship center to the goat god Pan.  At this temple there was a large gate.  There was a crack in the earth at this site that was thought to be the location where demons went into and out of hell.  While here, after Peter’s great confession of faith, Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  Jesus was a master teacher at using His environment to teach a truth.  The reason Jesus taught this way and took His disciples on journey’s like this to Caeseria Phillipi was to instill within His disciples the heart of obedience.  In other words, it was Jesus’ desire for His disciples to obey Him.  It is also for this reason at this point, Jesus tells Peter to come on out to Him on the water.  What a lovely picture of obedience and trust.  May we bring our Lord pleasure as we obey Him as He desires.

1.  Do you regularly hear the Lord telling you which way to walk?
2.  Have you grown in your walk with the Lord to such an extent that it is easy for you to discern His commands?

Prayer: Father, in so many ways I am still just a baby.  I so often find it hard to know that I have heard You clearly.  Take me through the process of sanctification and mature my faith.  Let me rest in Your glory.  Amen.

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