Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disciples Succeed When They Keep Their Eyes on Their Teacher

Scripture: Matthew 14:29b-c
And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

Insights: Today’s verses bring us to one of the most beautiful pictures in the Bible.  We have no idea how long Peter walked on the water, but he DID WALK on the water.  One of the things we learned about the disciple selection process of a rabbi was that a rabbi chose a disciple based on the belief that this disciple would be able to do what the rabbi did.  This truth becomes very important and crucial at this point in the history of Jesus and Peter walking on the water.  In other words, Peter’s faith to ask the Lord to call him onto the water was based on a faith presupposition that if the rabbi is doing something, then he was able to do that very thing as well.  The rabbi was teaching the disciples how to obey through all the different journeys they took.  They were learning to trust and obey their rabbi.  Now, because of all this training, Peter now sees Jesus walking on the water and asks if he can walk out to Him.  Jesus, desiring for His disciple to obey, says, “Yes.”  The miraculous occurs—Peter steps out by faith and does walk on water.  This is not a fable or a fairytale.  Peter actually walks on water.  In this moment can you envision in your minds eye the face of Jesus.  Peter’s eyes are looking directly into Jesus’ eyes.  Jesus is not looking around.  He is not focused even on the other eleven disciples.  Now, can you see Jesus’ smile?  Even in the midst of this storm in the middle of the night, I think there was a touch of brilliance as Peter looked at His Lord and Savior.  I even imagine Jesus was saying within Himself, “I got one who gets it.  He believes in Me.”  Beloved, I long for my life to bring a smile to my Redeemer’s face.  The only way that jubilation is possible is by keeping our eyes on Jesus.  Let me again encourage you my brothers and sisters to keep your eyes on Jesus no matter what you are currently facing.  In Peter’s life he successfully walked on water when he had his eyes set on the Master.  May that same truth be said of you.  God bless you this day.

1.  Have you ever thought what kind of expectations the Lord has regarding His children?
2.  Are you presently walking with your eyes on Jesus?

Prayer: Father, I want to please You as I walk with my eyes transfixed on You.  Grant me the grace to walk humbly with You, my Lord and God.  May my life reflect Your power and bring You glory.  Amen.

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