Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barrier 2 to Witnessing

Scripture: Matthew 9:10

Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples.
Insights: The second barrier that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has identified is the thought: I am not trained to tell people about Jesus.  It is too hard for me to do.  Remember these barriers are thoughts people often times presume to be true about witnessing.  The individual that lets this barrier prevent them from telling others about Jesus fall into the mindset of “I wouldn’t know what to say to someone one” or “the other person might ask me a question I don’t know the answer to.”  Luke 12:11-12 states, “‘When they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not worry about how or what you are to speak in your defense, or what you are to say; for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.’”  The way one ought to approach witnesses is the way Matthew did.  He used what he had to introduce others to Jesus Christ: his home, his food, and his relationships.  More than likely you have these three same resources.  You too can invite those relationships over to your house and feed them a meal or even just finger-foods and then put in a DVD of “My Hope with Billy Graham.”  Matthew had Jesus there to answer question, you have a DVD.  Matthew also did not forget his old associates (tax collectors, sinners, family, friends, and neighbors).  He invited every one of them over to his house to hear about Jesus.  You ought to do the same.  One last thought, let’s say you are not participating in “My Hope with Billy Graham,” then you still have the same three resources.  You still have the promise of Luke 12:11-12.  Do what Matthew also did, he shared what he found in Jesus, and it was a powerful witness for Jesus Christ.  You know what Jesus has done in your life.  Now, go and tell other people of the great life change He has made in you.  Beloved, I promise you, the joy, excitement and blessing you will receive for sharing Jesus with another individual is life changing and amazing.  Pray for God to reveal with whom you ought to share Jesus today. 

  1. Are you buying into the lie that you don’t have enough information to tell someone else about Jesus?
  2. Are you willing to repent and start living life Jesus’ way and begin telling others about the gospel?
Prayer: Father, forgive me for not trusting Your Holy Spirit to fill me with the words to say to another individual about Your Son, Jesus.  Please, Lord, grant this request, fill me with boldness and confidence as I share the Good News of Jesus with those around me. Amen.

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