Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Results of Revival, Part 1

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 30:26
So there was great joy in Jerusalem, because there was nothing like this in Jerusalem since the days of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel.

Insights: Tuesday night we learned about three results of true biblical revival.  The first result of revival is JOY!  There is a visible expression of life change that results in joy being displayed before a watching world.  Mike reminded us of Nehemiah 8:10 which declares, “Do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”  Where there is joy, there is strength.  One of the best ways to experience this joy is to remind yourself of all Jesus has done for you (This kind of sounds like a hymn – Count Your Many Blessings).  When we focus on these things it helps us to live the formula of joy out in our lives Jesus, Others, You.  The second result of revival is HOLINESS!  There is a visible expression for the things of God.  We will make drastic changes in our lives in order to be set apart for the things of God.  We will have a repulsive response to the sin in our lives.  We take steps to safeguard ourselves from sin that so easily entangles us.  One aspect of this holy life-change is our understanding that we are commanded to be holy.  It is not optional for a Believer.  The final result of revival is GENEROSITY!  There is a visible expression for giving to the expansion of God’s kingdom through His ministries.  Mike shared with us that nothing says more about our relationship with God more than our money.  Does your checkbook reflect a dynamic walk with the Living Lord?

  1. Does your life reflect joy, holiness and generosity?
  2. Do you have a hatred toward sin as you strive for holiness?
Prayer: Father, I am so grateful for the life change You bring when I encounter You.  You fill me with joy and holiness and an overflow of generosity.  May my life bring You glory.  Amen. 

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