Monday, October 10, 2016

In Order to Teach, We Must be Strong

Photo by Lauren Mitchell
Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:1
You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

Insights: This week we are going to be looking at various teaching attributes of Christ-follower. The first attribute is if we are going to be teachers, we must be strong. The specific aspect of being strong I want you to focus in on is the object of our strength. In other words, if you put your strength in you, you will falter and fail, but if your strength is in the grace of Jesus Christ, then you will finish and succeed. This distinction, in regards to the object of our strength, is the significance of this first verse. Paul is telling Timothy to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Grace is something we do not earn nor do we deserve it. Grace is a gift given to us completely dependent upon the mercy of God. If Jesus did not dispense to us this grace, then we would not have this grace. Fortunately for us, however, Jesus does dispense grace. He gives us what we do not rightly deserve which is eternal separation from his amazing Love. I also want you to notice that this grace is in Jesus. What makes grace strong is the Lordship of God. Beloved, it is my hope and desire that when the struggles of teaching come upon you that you will turn to Christ Jesus and allow him to be your strength which carries you through to completion.

 1. In what way are you teaching others about the Lord Jesus?
 2. Is your strength found in you or in the Lord’s Jesus’ grace?

Prayer: Father, help me to fully grasp the inadequacies of my own strength.  May I actually be found strong in You only Lord God as You dispense Your grace in my life.  Amen.

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