Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Readjust the Work Load for Peace

Scripture: Exodus 18:23

"If you do this thing and God so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all these people also will go to their place in peace."

Insights: Over the last three days I have written about our need to readjust our personal work load as well as the body life work load found within the church itself. Today we are going to look at the very real byproduct of such an adjustment. Notice with me today’s verse. Jethro told Moses if he followed through with this plan, then all the people would go to their homes in peace. Peace is the natural byproduct of readjustment. Now, please understand that contextually this passage is specifically talking about an earthly peace between two individuals or groups that have been at odds with each other. Remember, the reason the people were coming before Moses in the first place was because they had disputes between each other and needed someone to be an arbiter between them. This readjustment brings this restoration more quickly in the human sense of the word. Moving more to a spiritual and even New Testament focus there is another kind of peace that this readjustment brings as well. It is the peace of God actively working in our lives. I think part of the reason this kind of peace comes on us when we readjust the work load of the body is because our focus changes. Friction, factions and divisions occur when our focus is off of the main thing and on minor things. In other words, when we have too much time on our hands to complain, grumble and moan, then peace is lost. When we are all working toward a common goal or vision, then we are unified for a purpose and that purpose is ultimately to bring God glory. When we are working for that objective an unspeakable and unexplainable peace comes in our lives. Beloved, let the peace of God permeate your life and the life of His church. Let the lost world see the difference between our kind of love and peace and theirs. Let God be brought glory because of our obedient response to Him.


1. Are you experiencing peace with your fellow man?
2. Are you experiencing peace with God?

Prayer: Father, grant me Your peace and help me to live a peace with those with which I live, work, go to church, interact or even just meet. Let Your love and peace shine through me. Amen.

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