Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Proclamation is ALL about God

Scripture: Acts 1:7
He said to them, "It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority;

Insights: Yesterday we saw the disciples get a little distracted in regards to what is really important.  I think we often times do the same things the disciples did back then.  We live our lives in such routine patterns that we miss out on the intimacy God desires for us to have with Him.  We want His established kingdom.  We want Him to heal us.  We want Him to provide for us.  We want Him to show up and do amazing things in our worship services.  We want Him to comfort our hearts and give us peace.  We want Him to make us feel joyful and content.  We want and we want and we want, but do we really want Him?  I will speak for myself in this case: I often times forget that it is all about God and it has nothing to do with my wants.  I often times desire the benefits God grants to me and forget about the relationship I have with Him.  In these terrible moments God becomes like a Genie in a bottle to my whims and wishes.  The preceding thought is why I believe verse seven is found in this passage.  When Jesus said, “It is not for you …” I believe it is the modern day equivalent as to saying, “It is not about you.”  The second half of the verse tells us “the Father has fixed by His own authority.”  Again the modern day equivalent is that of saying, “It is all about Him!”  Every individual battles through this struggle.  Think back to Moses in the Old Testament.  God basically told Moses that He would send His angel with Him and do everything for the children of Israel He had promised, but He was not going to go with them Himself.  His angel would be His representative.  In other words, God said, “I will bless you and give you everything I promised, but I am not going to be with you.”  Moses, in essence, said, “NO!  If you don’t go with us, then we will not leave this place.  It would be better to stay here with you than to receive all of your blessings without You.”  Beloved, do not let the routines of life and the desires for blessing prevent you from a growing, intimate and real relationship with the living Lord.  Choose Him!

  1. Do you ever forget that it is not about you and your desires?
  2. Do you ever treat God like a Genie in a bottle who grants your wishes?

Prayer: Father, it really is all about You.  Grow me in my relationship with You and help me to live this reality out in my life.  I want You and not the things You do for me.  Help me to understand, really understand, how important our relationship is. Amen.

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