Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Stony Soil

Scripture: Matthew 13:5-6

"Others fell on the rocky places, where they did not have much soil; and immediately they sprang up, because they had no depth of soil. "But when the sun had risen, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. 

Insights:  Luke adds in his parallel version of this parable, "They had no moisture," because there was no root to capture the moisture.  This verse is not talking about soil with rocks in it because any farmer who cultivated a field would make sure all the rocks were out.  Israel’s land has strains of limestone rock beds running through it.  These beds maybe inches beneath the soil and the farmer would not have been able to cultivate every section of a field due to that rock bed.  So as the seed fell on that soil it would begin to germinate and the roots would have gone down to the rock bed and stopped.  The only place for the seed to have grown would have been up.  Initially, it would have the appearance of a flourishing plant, but because it did not have any roots, it would have died as soon as the summer heat and lack of moisture came on it.  Remember, this week we are not explaining these parables, but just laying out the type of soils mentioned in the parable.  Next week we will learn what each of these soils actually mean.  I’ll give you a hint, however, you don’t want to be a stony ground soil.
  1. Does this soil describe you?
  2. If it does, are you willing to ask Jesus to dig deeper into your heart so you could be receptive to Him?
Prayer: Father, work on my heart.  I do not desire to be shallow and impenetrable.  I desire to be productive and grow in Your grace.  Do what is necessary to make my shallow heart to go deep in Your hands.  Amen.

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