Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Purpose of Jesus' Coming

Scripture: Matthew 12:28

But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. 

Insights:  Yesterday we did an overview of Matthew chapters one through twelve.  Even today’s verse comes from chapter twelve.  I believe this verse describes Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth.  His purpose was to bring His kingdom to earth.  In fact this twenty-eighth verse stated pretty clearly that His ability to cast out demons was a sign to His kingdom having come on the people.  Remember from yesterday, however, it is in this twelfth chapter that the people reach the climax of their rejection when they attribute His healing power to that of Satan.  Matthew presented Jesus as King and Jesus came to bring His kingdom to earth.  The Jews rejected Jesus and this also meant they rejected His kingdom.  What then happened to the kingdom and what is going to happen now as a result of this rejection?  Those questions are exactly what the thirteenth chapter answers through the kingdom parables.  Theologians call this time period in which we are living “the parenthesis,” others call it “the interim,” still others call it “the church age.”  The point it is a mysterious time and we will see in Scripture later this week that Jesus even called this time period a mystery.  The reason it is a mystery is because it was hidden from the prophets of the Old Testament.  They were not given the privilege of seeing this time period unfold.  So, it is here in the thirteenth chapter that we see Jesus using the tool of parables to help us understand what this time period looks like.  If we know this truth, then we will be able to know how we are to respond and react to the things happening in this world.  Now there is a rather confusing aspect to the parables regarding God’s kingdom and over the next two days we are going to attempt to clarify some if this information.  In other words, if we do not get a firm grasp of these two concepts it will be difficult for us to understand what the parables are attempting to teach us.  Hang in there, Beloved, through this weighty material. 

  1. Have you, like the Jews of Jesus’ day rejected Him and His kingdom?
  2. Or, have you come to the saving knowledge and personal intimacy with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?
Prayer: Lord Jesus, all of creation has responded to Your love just as You knew it would.  You were not surprised when the Jewish leaders accused You of casting out demons under the power and leadership of Satan.  You have not been taken aback as the world has increased its hostilities toward You.  You know that You will return and the appointed time to display Your Kingly glory and bring Your children to Your home.  May this generation Lord, not reject Your kingdom as the first century Jews did.  Amen.


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