Monday, April 16, 2012

Jesus' Return is Imminent,so be . . .

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:7a
The end of all things is near;

Insights:  Thomas R. Schreiner wrote, “The imminence of the end should function as a stimulus to action in this world.  The knowledge that believers are sojourners and exiles, whose time is short, should galvanize them to make their lives count now.”  Notice some of the words Schreiner used to describe the impact of Jesus’ promise that “the end of all things is near.”  He used the word “stimulus” which means an “agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity, an incentive.”  So, what kind of action do you think Jesus had in mind for us to take as His disciples?  Before we answer that question let’s look at a couple of other words Schreiner used.  The next couple was “sojourners and exiles.”  So many Believers have forgotten this reality of our existence.  Earth, as it presently exists, is NOT our home.  Yet so many toil and spin acquiring possessions and wealth as if this earth were really all that mattered.  Yet the Bible, like Schreiner, calls our existence on earth as a sojourn.  In other words, we are just passing through this life until we get to our city and home.  The last word of Schreiner’s I want you to notice is “galvanize” which means “to arouse awareness or spur something on.”  In modern day linguistics we are probably more used to using the word to describe iron or steel which has been coated with rust-resistant zinc, but that was not the original meaning of the word.  So, let’s start putting this week’s picture together.  Jesus return is imminent and as a result it ought to elicit an activity from us because we are now aware that when He comes again He is taking us to our true home.  What is the action, then, for which we are being galvanized to take?  The remainder of the week will address four of those actions found in this passage of Scripture we are unpacking.  Everything we will look at in specific, however, has one final objective.  In other words, we are going to look at parts of a whole.  The whole or final objective for which we are being stimulated and galvanized into action is evangelism.  Our time on earth is short because Jesus’ return is NEAR.  Any opportunity we might have to tell a loved one about Jesus’ gift of grace ends when He comes and takes us home.  Because we are not promised a tomorrow, we need to take every advantage of today.  Beloved, share Jesus!

  1. Have you truly grasped the reality that Jesus could return at any moment?
  2. Does this truth affect the way you live your life?                              
Prayer: O Jesus, my wonderful Savior, I am so grateful You are coming back just as You promised.  May this fact impact the way I approach each day and may I live in such a fashion that You are brought glory.   Amen.  

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