Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Opposition is Stopped by Orison

Scripture: Nehemiah 4:4-5
Hear, O our God, how we are despised! Return their reproach on their own heads and give them up for plunder in a land of captivity. Do not forgive their iniquity and let not their sin be blotted out before You, for they have demoralized the builders.

Insights: Today’s title of Thoughts by Scott used the word orison.  I readily acknowledge I have an alliteration problem.  I was using the letter “O” to start my words and needed one for the word prayer.  So, I went to to use their thesaurus and found orison meant prayer.  Having clarified the funny word let me explain the title of today’s Thoughts a little bit more.  When I say opposition is stopped by prayer I do not mean that those creating the opposition actually stop.  What I mean is that the effect their opposition has on you is stopped.  In other words, you are able to press on with the assignment God has given you and you are no longer personally hindered by their words and actions.  Notice with me the prayer Nehemiah prayed.  Have you ever prayed a prayer like this one?  What happened to love your enemies and do good to those who hate you?  The points I want you to walk away with regarding Nehemiah’s prayer are: first, our prayers can be brutally honest before God.  He is able to handle anything you bring to Him and He is not surprised by the violent and even hateful things on our heart.  The second point is this: before Nehemiah spoke to those in opposition to the wall being rebuilt, he sought the Lord.  Even though Nehemiah was frustrated and even angry based on his prayer, he knew he had to go to God before he went and dealt with the opposition.  Prayer has a way of changing us, the maker the prayer petition, before it changes those around us.  So, Beloved, whatever you are facing presently, take it to the Lord and ask Him to do a work in your life.  You will be amazed at what the Father does for you.  Amen!

  1. Are you taking your problems to the Lord in prayer?
  2. Are you allowing God’s grace to change the way opposition affects you?
Prayer: Father, thank You that I can be completely and utterly honest with You in prayer.  I also thank You because through prayer You change me and mold me into the image of Your Son, Jesus.  Protect me from the attacks from those who oppose my walking by faith and be glorified in my journey with You.  Amen.

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