Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Absolute Abandonment God Requires

Scripture: Luke 14:33
So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.

Insights: Today’s verse is just like verse 26.  Just as Jesus did not mean for us to hate our mother, father, brother, sister, etc., He also does not mean we are to all go and sell our homes and possessions.  Yet, just like verse 26 gives the implication that one must have Jesus in the proper priority position, this verse gives the implication that one must be willing to absolutely abandon everything for Jesus.  Presently my wife and I are going through our attic to determine what items need to be put in the yard sale we will be participating in for our Argentina Mission Trip (as a way of a commercial it will be Saturday, March 3rd in downtown Uriah.  Please come and buy our items in order to support our trip).  The reason I mention our sorting project is because we ought to be willing to give up every item we have for the sake of the gospel.  And yet as we have journeyed through this process, how many items or trinkets have caught our heart and we unwillingly relinquished them?  The answer is: far more items than I thought would be the case.  Absolute abandonment goes far more than just mere possessions.  It also moves into the realm of employment, hobbies, television/internet, relationships and a myriad of other items.  As a way of example, have you ever fasted from technology?  You would be amazed at how dependent you are on the internet, iPads, cell phones, television and the like.  Jesus, however, is telling us in this verse that if we are not willing to abandon those items, we cannot be His disciples. We would probably quickly say, “I am willing in order to be Jesus’ disciple,” but would we really?  Do our lives truly reflect a life of abandonment to Jesus?  Let me close today’s devotional with a quote from WarrenWiersbe, “To some, Jesus says, ‘You cannot be My disciples!’  Why?  Because they will not forsake all for Him, bear shame and reproach for Him, and let their love for Him control them.  And they are the losers.  Will you be His disciple?”

  1. Are you truly willing to abandon all for Jesus?
  2. Or do you have some restrictions for Him in regard to your obedience?
 Prayer: Lord Jesus, You abandoned everything to save me.  Teach my heart to live a life of that kind of reckless abandon for You.  Amen.  

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